The Brahn-Men

A seafaring race of mighty warriors, intrepid adventurers, and monster hunters.


One of the first created things, the City-State of Brahn sits on the coast of the southeast (northwest) continent, behind the Walls and Gates. Small fishing villages dot the coastline, but all are essentially dependent upon the Sovereign City.

During childhood, each Brahn receives a tattoo signifying his family, and traditionally adds more tattoos throughout life marking his or her accomplishments and place in society [yes, this is blatantly stolen from Maori culture, I just think it’s really cool]. The sides of the head, and facial hair, are shaved with very sharp clam shells so as to have maximum surface area for tattooing. A Brahn who covers their face in any way is seen as untrustworthy.

Due to the aforementioned scarcity of wood and metal, the majority of their tools and equipment are made from the sea (Giant tortoise shell shields, and sharktooth clubs, for example). When metal is available, they prefer their weapons to be efficient and brutal (the blunderbuss is a great favorite) Their preferred enemies are sea-monsters of all kinds, and the Shadowfolk across the sea.

The practice of magic was respected, but typically eschewed. A Brahn wishing to study magic would first have to formally ask permission from his or her family, and then seek a teacher in Eld-Lorean. This is uncommon, but not unheard of.

The city of Brahn has had minor, heretical splinter groups on a mass scale twice in its history. Both times, the splinter group was utterly annihilated. This has engendered a strong group-mentality among the people of the city.


“The world is here to test us, and we are winning”.

That’s a nice fortress of evil you’ve got there, you ugly sumbitch. It’d be a shame if someone BURNED IT THE FUCK DOWN.

Ah shit, I hate volcano gods…

The Brahn-Men

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